A New Season in Life….again

My oldest son just got engaged.  What a blessing, and answer to prayer!  For years, we’ve prayed for our children and their potential spouses, and it is fun to see it happen.  We won’t get to see much of the couple: they will live on the other side of the world, and probably get married there, too, since it makes more sense financially.  It reminds me of how many people in the history of Mankind didn’t do things the way we do it.  Every spring the wedding marketing machine kicks into high gear and I think that most of it is very fun stuff…Pinterest is particularly appealing…but the marriage is more important.  We’d love to be there, but we won’t be in their community as newlyweds and we will support them as well as we can in prayer and chat.

I think the people you are around as a young family have a great effect on your marriage.  What do you think?


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